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Coachella Desert Trip Stagecoach Arrests Attorney Emily Benjamini

California Criminal Defense Attorney for Music Festivals 

The Coachella Valley is home to the Stagecoach Music Festival , one of the most popular Country Music festivals on the West Coast, Desert Trip with classic rock artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Paul McCartney. as well as the Coachella Music Festival which features nonstop Indie, Rock, EDM and Hip Hop Artist for two weekends. These events draw an incredible crowds from the US as well as all over the world.

Criminal Defense Attorney Emily Benjamini has a dedicated history of 24 years of Criminal Defense, including arrests related to the Stagecoach, Coachella and Desert Trip Festivals for minors, college students, US residents and those visiting from outside the country.

Unfortunately, many visitors at the Music Festivals in the Coachella Valley are arrested each year for a variety of criminal offenses, sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, first time offenders, students and teens, and people who live out of the country including:

  •  Narcotics and Drug Possession for marijuana, ecstasy, mushrooms, methamphetamine, and cocaine
  •  Drug Sales or Possession with Intent to Sell
  •  Fake ID’s
  •  Minor in Possession of Alcohol
  •  DUI as well as Drunk and Disorderly
  •  Theft
  •  Assault and Domestic Violence
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Extreme Consequences

The majority of people arrested at the Coachella, Desert Trip or Stagecoach Music Festival, even those arrested for serious offense such as drug sales, have no criminal record and have never been in trouble with the law before. Most that are arrested believe that because they have never been in trouble before, the consequences will not be severe. This is NOT TRUE. Enforcement at the these music festivals are very strict, and prosecutors seek harsh sentences for those who are charged with crimes. Even the simple act of “sharing” drugs with a friend or another person, even without the exchange of money, can subject you to a felony conviction with a potential jail and prison sentence. It also can subject you have a felony conviction which could result in loss of employment, denial of professional licensing, and exclusion from future employment, loss of college scholarships or even the opportunity to be part of a collegiate team or continued acceptance at most higher education colleges and universities.


These extreme consequences are very real without an experienced, dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side. Contact Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law to put its experience to help you in this difficult situation.

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How Emily A. Benjamnini, Attorney at Law Can Help You

Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law understands how frightening an arrest can be. The firm also understands the devastating consequences that such an arrest and charges have. Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law use its skill, knowledge and extensive experience to help you or your child during these difficult times. The firm has extensive experience finding ways to minimize the damage caused by these arrests and charges by fighting the case. In many cases the goal is to find ways to minimize consequences and ensure that you have no criminal record at the end, even in cases in which you are not legally entitled to such results. In those cases Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law will use its skill, knowledge and experience to achieve remarkable results on your behalf. Since many Stagecoach participants are from out of the area, out of the state and often out of the country, they are often burdened by having to deal with their case here in the Coachella Valley. Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law has extensive experience with such situations and uses its experience to help you or your child.

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If you or your child has been arrested at Stagecoach, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately. Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law will take immediate action to build a strong defense to help you or your child during this difficult time.

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