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Arson is defined as the unauthorized and intentional setting of fire to land, a structure or private property in order to destroy it. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the accused could face many years in prison. Have you been charged with arson in California? Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law provides vigorous representation for clients throughout the Coachella Valley. You can depend on the legal experience to build a strong defense on your behalf. The firm handles cases involving:

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  •  Starting a wildfire
  •  Deliberate burning of a public building
  •  Setting fire to a church or other religious building
  •  Burning another person’s house or property
  •  Other cases of arson
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Arson is a Felony

Arson is generally a felony punishable by prison. When representing clients, the firm looks at the facts, rather than emotion. They understand that when structures or property are destroyed, the police, fire department and fire rangers look for any answer to bring some closure. If the evidence doesn’t specifically point to their clients, or the case has been overcharged due to emotions, Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law works hard to have the case dismissed. Before and during trial, Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law will challenge the evidence that is there and expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. In cases involving repeat felony offenders, Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law takes extra steps to help avoid a strike against their client and extended criminal penalties.

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