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Drunk-driving accidents and other types of reckless driving that results in serious bodily injury or death are punishable with long-term consequences. Jail or prison time, hefty fines and revoked driving privileges are real possibilities. If you or your loved one are accused of committing a serious vehicular crime, obtain help from a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law offers extensive experience defending clients in and around Palm Desert accused of vehicular manslaughter and other serious vehicular crimes.

The firm’s professional and strategic defense offer misdemeanor and felony defense services aimed at protecting your criminal record and clearing your name. Contact the firm today online or call 760-346-8630 to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable Palm Desert serious vehicular crimes attorney.

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Defending Against Serious Vehicular Crimes in Eastern Riverside County

Serious criminal charges deserve a serious response from your criminal defense attorneys. At Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law, the firm protects clients’ rights in felony traffic crime cases where the stakes are particularly high.

The firm acts efficiently and thoroughly evaluate the evidence against you. Whenever necessary, the firm consults notable experts in fields such as accident reconstruction and human factors to better understand the true causes of the serious or fatal accident you were accused of causing. The investigation also includes independent examination of the accident scene and interviews with eyewitnesses to understand the series of events before and during the car accident. In all cases, the firm searches for police or prosecutor errors, constitutional violations and other contributing causes of the accident — any and all of which can be used to minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of a conviction.

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