Felony Crimes: 3 Strikes Law
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California Criminal Defense Attorney for 3 Strikes Law

Are you facing felony charges in Southern California? Do you need an attorney who will be just as concerned about your first strike as your third strike? Are you facing 25 to life because you already have two strikes on your record and are facing a possible conviction that could be your third strike?

Call 760-346-8630 to contact Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law in Palm Desert, California. Their experienced criminal defense lawyers serve clients throughout Eastern Riverside County, including the Coachella Valley, Banning, Blythe, and the surrounding areas of San Bernardino County that make up the Morongo Basin and Joshua Tree.

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If you are facing serious criminal charges, the attorney you choose is critical. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all attorneys have the identical level of skill. Experience and personal conviction make a difference.


The firm practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense. Attorney Emily Benjamini is a skilled trial lawyer and experienced negotiator with more than 24 years of legal experience.


The firm handles all felony related charges including murder, manslaughter, battery, rape, weapons violations, drug trafficking and others. If your freedom is at stake, they will do everything in their power and within the law to protect your future.

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